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Tips For Making a Fantastic Google Slide

Check out this Google Slideshow that former students made for all fourth graders

Smarter Balanced - The New Testing Format

Click on the link below to try sample items and performance tasks for the new Smarter Balanced Testing.

Smarter Balanced

After getting onto the page linked above, scroll down and click on either math or English language arts under, "Explore sample items and performance tasks:"

4th grade Locker
6/21/18 10:40 AM
6/21/18 10:40 AM
6/21/18 10:40 AM
6/21/18 10:40 AM
6/26/18 10:52 AM
6/21/18 10:40 AM
6/21/18 10:40 AM
6/21/18 10:40 AM

Mrs. Culleton

Culleton Homepage Photo
Welcome to Room 15

Welcome to third grade! This year will be full of new surprises and adventures in learning!

I'm excited to teach third grade because the curriculum is so interesting. We study all about out town's history, structures that help plants and animals survive, magnets, multiplication, native birds, division, angles, time, writing with detailed vocabulary, opinion writing, public speaking, reading with expression, and so much more!

Bring a smile and a positive attitude, and we will have a terrific year!

Mrs. Culleton

Field Trips



Grammar Workshop!

Go to the grammar workshop!

1. Go to the unit #  and lesson # we are on currently

2. Go to Games or

3.Go to Practice Quiz

How to Join my Class and Start a Document in Google Docs
  1. Login on your Chromebook
    • First initial, first three letters of your last name, 4 digit code
    • password Ms123456
  2. On Moraga School District site, click on "MSD Google Drive"
  3. Click on the "waffle" icon in top right (it is 9 little squares together)
  4. Select "Classroom" icon
  5. Click on + sign
  6. Enter our Class code: ___________
  7. Click Realistic Fiction (or whatever we are writing)
  8. Click on "Create" and see the pull-down menu
  9. Choose "New Doc"
  10. A document link should now appear that has your name on it. Click on that link.
  11. Once you have a new document, right align and put your name, date, and teacher's name
  12. Center align and put your title
  13. Left align, Tab, Start your first paragraph
Login for access to RAz kids, Brainpop, Wonderopolis, and many more cool websites!

Our district pays for access to many websites. All of these can be accessed through clever.

To log on:

  1. Go to the Moraga School District website
  2. On the right-hand side, click on the link for student resources
  3. Select Clever

Want to publish your writing or your artwork? Check out these reviews of places where you can get your work published!

username: missions

Password: missions

Literature Resources

By The Great Horn Spoon

Author: Sid Fleischman

  1. Visuals and links by chapter
  2. Pictures of ship and various images from book