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Science Fair 2022

Attention 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders!

Science Fair 


It’s that glorious time of year again where Rheem students get to think, create, question, explore, observe, investigate, analyze, share, and become young scientists! This year marks the Science Fair’s 35th anniversary. Over the past three decades, our young scientists at Rheem have experimented with different paper airplanes for flying, making edible slime, dissolving candy in soda, swabbing different spots around school for germs, and many more fun projects. 


This year we are aiming for an in-person event (but will provide further instructions if we need to switch to virtual mode). The Science Fair is open to students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Young scientists may work in groups of up to 3 students, from any of the grades listed above.  Students will use the scientific method of investigation to work on a safe, non-hazardous, hands-on project. Each group will work on one report and poster board. The Science Fair Committee will be available to advise and guide our fearless young scientists along the way.


Important dates to remember:

Feb 4:  Science Fair Presentation.  Start submitting applications online here. Choose your science experiment. 

Feb 18:  Deadline to submit applications. 

Feb 25:  Receive application feedback.  Start working on your experiment and drafting reports.

Mar 11:  Science fair draft reports due

Mar 25:  Start final reports

Apr 8:  Final reports due

Apr 15:  Receive poster boards

Apr 28:  Science Fair class presentations in AM, event in evening


Got questions?

Email  Special thanks to the Rheem Science Fair Committee: Christina Bentel, Amy Chen-Yee, Barbora Chindarkarova, Cori Constantine, Flora Shin, Emily Trieu, and co-chairs Doris Chen and Salome Sallehy.


RHEEMarkable Roadrunners, get your SCIENCE ON!!


Questions? Contact


Science Fair Announcement and General Information: This document contains general information and calendar for the Science Fair.

The Scientific Method: This document contains the blueprint and the scientific method steps to take for your project.

Science Fair Project Resources: This document is a list of resources for ideas to help you find a science fair topic.

Science Fair Previous Project Examples: This document is a list of topics from previous projects.

Science Fair Report Template: This word document allows you to type the report in the recommended template.

Science Fair Poster Board Layout: This is a sample of your poster board layout.  The PTA will give each group one poster board (no need to purchase). 

Science Fair Classroom Presentation Script: This document includes a script for your classroom presentation.

Science Fair FAQs: This document contains a list of common questions and answers.

For 2021's Virtual Science Fair, our young scientists discussed their projects in a series of short recorded videos. Click the button below and enjoy!