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Science Fair

Attention 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders! Rheem's annual Science Fair is still on schedule for SPRING 2021!  More information coming soon about this year's modified version.  Stay tuned!  

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” – Plato

Science Fair

Due to school dismissal, there is no due date for 2020 Science Fair final reports! Instead, share your amazing science reports on Facebook.

As each of us knows this year has seen a lot of changes and has impacted how we participate in Science Fair. We no longer have a due date and we hope you will use the extra time to complete your experiments. As ever please communicate with your Science Fair Committee member and complete a final report. Once you finish your experiments, we encourage you to try a new way of presenting them—by video! 

Please consider having your parent help you to create a short video from smart phone, ipad, computer, other to upload to our private Facebook group.  Access to the group will be granted by our Science Fair Chair to maintain the privacy of this group and its contents.  Your parent will need a Facebook account and search for the group called “Rheem Science Fair 2020”. Join the group by clicking on the upper right “join” box. Once you are confirmed, you may post your video and a short message to allow others to see your work. You can also encourage your fellow scientists with words of encouragement in the comments section under their video. Thanks for being a part of the Rheem Elementary 2020 Science Fair!

Questions? Contact the Science Fair Committee at

science fair documents (no longer relevant due to school dismissal)

Science Fair General Information Packet: This document contains general information on the Science Fair.

Science Fair Calendar: This document is a calendar of important dates for the Science Fair.

Science Fair Rules: This document summaries the rules to participate.

Science Fair Report Template: This word document allows you to type the report in the recommended template.

Science Fair Guidelines: This document contains the scientific method steps, project checklist, required content for the submitted report, and sample board display.

Science Fair FAQs: This document contains a list of common questions and answers.

Science Fair Project Resources: This document is a list of resources to help you find a science fair topic.

Science Fair Script for Presentation Day: This document includes a script for the class presentation, what to bring on presentation day, and the presentation schedule for each grade.

Science Fair Sample Board Layout: This document provides a template of content layout for the trifold presentation board.