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Medication, Epi-Pen/Inhaler Forms for School
Posted 10/19/20

Hi Rheem families!
As you all know by now, school is scheduled to re-open via hybrid model starting in November. If your child has a food / nut allergy, has asthma and / or needs to take medication daily and you would like to have an epi-pen, inhaler and / or medication at school, please review the attached forms. Your child's doctor will have to fill out the epi-pen / inhaler form and the prescription form before bringing any medications to school. The OTC form can be filled out by just a parent. 
Please keep all medications, epi-pen / inhaler in its original packaging.   

When students begin the hybrid model we will need you to bring the medication (s) to the office and sign off on the Individual Health Plan in person to verify it is correct. If your child carries their medication with them we still need documentation forms completed and on file in the office. 
If you have any questions, please call our office: 925-376-4441
Thank you!