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Information Regarding Reopening School Planning - October 15, 2020
Posted 10/15/20

This is the third of a series of informational notices the MSD will send to parents in regard to the topic of the potential reopening of schools. Information from these communications will also be incorporated into the  DL 2.0 Parent Handbook.  This notice focuses on information related to classroom and school environmental safety measures, and will be added to enhance the existing Parent Handbook section “MSD COVID-19 Safety”.  Future communication will include topics on plans to reopen and close (if necessary) schools, hybrid schedules, your options and commitment about your child’s mode of education (in-person hybrid or Distance Learning 2.0) when school reopens, staffing updates, important dates and timelines, and student social-emotional well-being. Each notice will include a section titled “How can I help?”, with opportunities to directly help our schools, or prepare your children for a return to school.

Background Related to Safety 
The MSD established a Task Force to Reopen School mid-June. The Task Force, comprised of 33 staff, administration, parents (including dual working families, single parents, and medical professionals), and Governing Board members, developed a Plan to Reopen School, focusing on seven specific areas: Public Health, Social Emotional Learning, Equity and Access, Governance and Operations, Instructional Models, Staffing, and Child Care. The Plan to Reopen School was presented to the Governing Board on July 16 and July 21. 

The Public Health section is extensive and covers topics ranging from student and staff PPE expectations, to air circulation, to screening protocols. Safety plans to reopen school are primarily based on the Plan to Reopen School, as well as Centers for Disease Control (CDC), CA Department of Education, CA Department of Public Health and Contra Costa County Health Services guidance. Last week, all safety plans were reviewed and updated by the Task Force Public Health Subcommittee and four infectious disease control experts. The information below describes protocols the MSD has planned for, implemented, or will implement, prior to school reopening and when school is open. 

Topic: What are the classroom and school environmental safety measures the MSD has or will be implementing?  

Click to view video HERE.  Environmental safety measures shown will be implemented at all school sites.

Parents and staff are invited to visit Camino Pablo School on 10/29 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM; 11/2 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, and 11/12 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, to see firsthand implemented safety measures.  Please check in at the Camino Pablo School office upon arrival, wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.  

How can I help?

  • As appropriate, share the video and discuss it with your children.
  • With your child, watch a video about washing hands - HERE
  • Continue having your child practice how to wear a mask.
  • Assure your children that you are prepared to keep them safe and that MSD is doing the same.