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New Math Textbook Adopted for '15-'16 School Year
Posted 4/22/15

Exciting News!  On Tuesday, April 14, the Moraga School District Governing Board approved a new K-5 mathematics textbook, Math Expressions by Houghton Mifflin.  Teachers and students will begin using this new textbook at the beginning of next school year, 2015 – 2016. 

A Math Adoption Committee was formed at the start of this school year.   The purpose of the committee was to carry out the textbook selection process and make a recommendation to the Board based upon objective evidence gathered during the process.  The committee included teacher and administrator representatives.  In addition, the committee gathered input from throughout the district and from Moraga parents at SSC and PTA meetings.   Through a consensus-reaching process, the committee made the recommendation of Math Expressions.

The committee recommended Math Expressions due to the depth and rigor of math instruction, differing strategies for students to learn concepts, use of real-world applications, an on-line component that included interactive games, adaptive tests and homework applications.  In addition, multiple resources were available to enable parents to support their children with practice at home.

Our next steps include teacher training during our August Staff Development Days and parent education nights in the fall.  A special thanks goes to our dedicated teachers for their hard work this year in reaching a recommendation and to our parents who provided important input during this process.