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Soul Shoppe Comes to Rheem!
Posted 10/23/14

Soul Shoppe Comes to Rheem!

We are very proud of our positive school climate at Rheem!  Our on-going Lifeskills Program, combined with our most recent focus to include “Growth Mindset” and “Mindfulness” practices in our classrooms, have helped us build a learning environment where all students feel safe and optimistic.


This year, by participating in a customized assembly program through Soul Shoppe, all students at Rheem will learn additional tools to help our school become even more “Big Hearted and Bully-Free”Our goal is to provide our students with effective communication tools to help them recognize their own and each other’s worth, rights, and needs.  By establishing a common language and practical strategies to communicate, our students will gain important problem-solving skills that will last a lifetime.


On Thursday, September 11, our students met Daniel, who will be returning to Rheem throughout the year to lead assemblies and classroom workshops.  At this first “Tools of the Heart” meeting, students learned how to effectively use “I-Message” and “Clean-Up” strategies see below to ask for what they need.  Every Rheem student was given a bookmark that lists the steps of these important communication tools. Please click HERE to access a Parent Guide that will help you and your family practice these important strategies at home! 


Soul Shoppe was back at Rheem on Monday, October 20.  Joseph Savage, co-founder of Soul Shoppe, met with each individual grade level to show just how easy it can be to help each other solve our problems.  At the Respect workshops, we reviewed/learned:

  • Healthy ways to “empty your balloon” when it gets too filled with sad, mad, or other hurtful feelings
  • How to use the “I-Message” and “Clean-up” routines to work things out
  • How to sit in the “Chair of Respect” wherever you are!

Be sure to ask your child about how he/she is using the above strategies, and/or check out the Parent Information sheet about what was taught/learned.  


On Monday, December 8, we were pleased to welcome back Daniel to Rheem.  All students participated in “Take Your Time” assemblies, during which they learned powerful strategies to help manage anger/frustration and make better choices, including:

“Red, Orange and Green” -- a way of identifying one’s emotional “temperature”

“Stop and Breathe” – a specific tool to use to calm oneself in order to think through making the best choice possible.  The strategy includes five parts: Stop, Breathe, Think, Choose, Act, Cheer.

All students received a bookmark with the above icons listed on either side.  In times of stress, help your child identify whether they are in the Red, Orange, or Green zones and remind them to use a positive strategy to get calm, think about possible solutions, and act accordingly. 

Did you know that you can even use technology to support a more mindful frame of mind?  Click HERE to get the “Stop Breathe and Think” app!