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Diversity and Inclusion

At Rheem, diversity, equity, and inclusion matters. The Rheem Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group (DEIG) is a parent-led group dedicated to providing ongoing dialogue, education, and reflection for students, parents, and Rheem staff. We want to ensure that every member of the Rheem community feels welcomed, safe, and supported. Please join our meetings to learn more about our school’s initiatives share your experiences, and become more involved. We are looking forward to making our community more inclusive and welcoming. The Rheem DEIG Committee can be contacted through the Rheem PTA.

Our mission statement: The mission of the Rheem DEIG is to create a community that welcomes all people and respects their personal identities, including socioeconomics, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, culture, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, family composition, and abilities. We stand against hate, racism, bias, and discrimination of any kind. We seek to build an educational environment that reflects, honors, and affirms diversity, self expression, and fearlessness. 

Our purpose: The purpose of the Rheem DEIG is to provide and promote an inclusive environment that is free of discrimination and harassment, and is a safe place for all students to learn and thrive. We intend to do this by seeking and providing resources to our Rheem students, families, teachers, and staff, as well as working in partnership with MSD Cultural Proficiency Committee and other Lamorinda school diversity committees. We seek to promote and practice an appreciation of the diversity and equity within our school community and larger society. 



Global art + culture: Annually, we collaborate with parents and staff and host an art-based event for students focused on art projects from around the world. In 2020, our live art event was in-person. In 2021, our event consisted of take home packets and was attended by over 150 students!

Booklist recommendations: In collaboration with staff, we have created a grade-level booklist from diverse authors and topics. The list includes direct YouTube links to readings of the books with Amazon links if you would like a paper copy and support the authors.

District-wide collaboration: The Rheem DEIG actively collaborates with the Moraga School District’s Cultural Proficiency Committee to identify cultural proficiency standards, measures MSD can set/evaluate against these standards, and then develop plans to improve our cultural proficiency where there are gaps. The Moraga School District website provides more information on this district-wide initiatives, safety hotline, and complaint process