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Birthday Treats

The Alternative “Birthday Treat” 

Consider a truly “healthy” birthday alternative this year…

Let’s face it, sometimes a frosted cupcake or a glazed doughnut really hits the spot, but too many sugary snacks can be problematic.  Also, the need to be alert to a variety of food allergies as well as nutritional preferences can complicate finding the perfect “one size fits all” edible birthday treat.  So, why not find an alternative (and healthier) way to celebrate your child’s big day?  At Rheem, it’s definitely OK to consider alternative birthday treats.  Some options include:

  • Have your child bring in a favorite book to share with the class.  No one is allergic to books!  Ms. Carl has several special book plates that can be used if a family would like to donate a book to the class or school library in honor of a child’s birthday.
  • Everyone can use a new pencil or erasure now and then.  Giving every classmate an inexpensive school tool that reflects your child’s interest (dinosaurs, soccer, dance, etc.) will be a welcome and useful way for your child to be recognized.
  • Did someone say Glue Sticks?  Imagine the thrill on the teacher’s face when your child presents the class with a set of brand new glue sticks (or sharpies, or colored pencils, etc.) in honor of his/her birthday!  Now, that will put some extra spirit into the Happy Birthday song!

Get the idea?  Please know that whatever a family chooses to do (or choose not to do), we will always help a child feel special on his/her birthday. We do ask that parents resist the temptation to provide elaborate goodie bags or bring in distractions like balloons or party favors.  When in doubt, just ask your child’s teacher – she will be happy let you know what will be most appreciated by the class in the limited time available to celebrate birthdays. Thank you!