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What is MEF?

MEF is a nonprofit organization run by Moraga parents and is solely dedicated to supporting all students from kindergarten through graduation.

Over our history, MEF’s role has evolved. Initially, the foundation provided limited educational enhancements and teacher’s grants costing less than $30,000.  Today, MEF funds critical educational programs at a cost of more than $2 million annually.

These funds along, with local parcel taxes, help make up the lack of state funding to our schools ensuring every student receives the quality education required to reach their full potential. 

To see what is funded Kindergarten through Graduation, please click below:

  • Elementary Schools (K-5 pie chart, attached)
  • Joaquin Moraga Intermediate (JM pie chart, attached)
  • Campolindo High School (Campo pie chart, attached)

MEF’s board of directors consists of parents, community members and PTA presidents from each of the 3 elementary schools and JM and Parents Club President from Campolindo.   

How can you help:

  1. Get involved at Rheem by becoming a Grade level ambassador to help educate and encourage others to give and get involved in MEF.
  2. Spread the word and show your support by liking Moraga Education Foundation on Facebook and proudly displaying your MEF sticker on your car.
  3. Donate early and encourage others to do so.  Our Annual Phone-a-thon is in February.  Our goal is to have more than 70% of our donors on board so we can use volunteer time wisely.  And if you are free, we are always looking for parents to help out at that event.

Questions?  Please contact our Rheem Fundraising Co-Chairs:

Hollie Lucas-Alcalay ( and Lisa Rose (