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4th grade Locker

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Mrs. Culleton

Welcome to Room 3

Welcome to fourth grade! This year will be full of new surprises and adventures in learning!

I love teaching fourth grade because the curriculum is so interesting. We study all about California history, ecosystems, rocks and minerals, electricity, magnets, fractions, native birds, division, angles, compound sentences, writing with detailed vocabulary, opinion writing, public speaking, reading with expression, quilting, oil painting, and so much more!

Bring a smile and a positive attitude, and we will have a terrific year!

Mrs. Culleton


Solar Eclipse

Weekly Schedule

Pull-Out Schedule 2016-17

Monday: PE/Garden Rotation 8:25-9:15

Tuesday: PE 8:25-9:15

Wednesday: Library Rotation 8:25-10

Thursday:Computer Rotation 12:45-1:30, Music 1:35-2:15 (bring instruments in the morning and leave in the room where you practice)

Friday: Art 11-12, Computer Rotation 12:45-1:30

Smarter Balanced - The New Testing Format

Click on the link below to try sample items and performance tasks for the new Smarter Balanced Testing.

Smarter Balanced

After getting onto the page linked above, scroll down and click on either math or English language arts under, "Explore sample items and performance tasks:"



Field trips and Special Events

Walk through Calif. –
Oakland Museum 
CA mission

Walk Through California - these are the dates for our class only 

8:30-11:30 AM (in the Multi-Use room)

Parents are invited to attend. 

For costume ideas and extra flashcards:



Back to School Night Presentation

Math Websites

Math Fact Packet- multiplication (to practice at home - you can print the pages individually)


Math Fact Packet - division (to practice at home - you can print the pages individually)


Forgot your HW and Remembering Book?

Download the pages here!


Algebra Resources - Unit 4

PEMDAS song - order of operations

Order of Operations Video with Examples

Prime and Composite Numbers Video



Need an alternative to Rheem Rocks?


Addition Resources:

Associative and Commutative Properties of Addition


Multiplication Resources:

Schoolhouse Rock songs and videos

Double-digit multiplication using an area model

Tricks for the 9's multiplication tables- using your hands

Two digit multiplication

Lattice Multiplication

Japanese Method of Multiplication

Egyptian Method of Multiplication

Arrays in Minecraft? What a fun way to practice math problems! (Skip the first 2 1/2 minutes of the video)


Division Resources:

Video showing Place Value Sections Method of Division

Video showing Expanded Notation Method of Division

Video showing Digit by Digit Method of Division (the way most parents were taught:))


Fractions Resources Unit 6 and 7:

Great explanation of how to find equivalent fractions

Quick Rap about How to Simplify Fractions

Simplifying Fractions - a unique approach

Comparing Fractions

Pizza Game- Changing Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Practice Game with Changing Improper to Mixed Numbers

Equivalent Fractions Spoons Game - do after lesson 7-6


Lesson 7-10 How to read decimals

Decimals Rap

Decimals - reading and writing them

Lesson 7-12 Comparing Decimals


Geometry Resources Unit 8:

Types of Angles Song- lesson 8-1

How do I use a Protractor?

Practice Using a Protractor Online


Extra Practice Resources:

Want to practice 4th grade math this summer or during the school year? Click here for worksheets by topic.

Helpful Science Websites

Reader's Workshop

Book list for students by Guided Reading Levels

Another Book List for Students by Level

Book list by Series for Students by Level

Book Wizard by Scholastic - it can help you figure out a level of a book you want to read

Book Seer- a great tool that recommends books for you based on books you like


Skills Students Need to Read Books (organized by "bands" of books)

Boys and Books - What we can do to encourage a love of books

Should Children Read on E-Readers or Real Books?

If you are not sure and want to hear about some of the latest research on this topic, check out this link 

Grammar Websites


Want to publish your writing or your artwork? Check out these reviews of places where you can get your work published!

Helpful Social Studies Websites

Chapter 2 (Native Americans)

Video how Native Californians gathered, stored, and cooked acorns


Video on Miwok Village and Culture

Video showing Hupa houses

Chumash foods, shelter, use of soap plant, pine nuts,and rock paintings 

Chapter 3  (Explorers and Missions ) Resources:

Why Spanish started presidios, missions, and the role of Native Californians 

Early Explorers of North America


CA Mission Report Resources:


Easy to read Fact Cards about Each Mission

Athanius Mission website 

CA Missions

Mission Info. Pages

Mission eBooks 



CA Mission Project At Home Resources:

Ideas for supplies needed to build a model of a mission

Links to websites and photos of dioramas

Ideas for how to make a scrapbook or ABC book

Websites with pictures and how to build CA mission model

Samples of PowerPoint Presentations on all CA missions in general (you will do your presentation on a specific mission) 

PowerPoint - Ideas for what to put in slides

Sample Google Slides from 2017

Sample Recipe write up

Mission Video on Minecraft with description

Chapter 5 (Routes to California) Resources

Map of Trails to CA

Video about the Oregon Trail with Supplies Needed

Session 1 and 3- How long was the trip, children's chores, how they felt about leaving

Session 1 - Image of a packed wagon

Session 2- Pictures of the Big Blue River

Session 2 - Pioneer Games and Toys

Session 4 - Foods pioneers ate, clothes, supplies brought, washing clothes

Session 4 - Clothing

Session 4 - How to make and use Hard Tack

Session 6 - Pioneer Songs

Session 6 - Continental Divide - what is that?

Session 7 - Devil's Gate images and description

How Pioneers Washed Clothes - Session 9 in pioneer journal writing

Literature Resources

By The Great Horn Spoon by Sid Fleischman

Visuals and links by chapter

Pictures of ship and various images from book

Bird Watching Tips and Information

Bird-A-Thon results for 2015



Osprey Conservation in Scotland- what inspired Wild Wings book

How to Use Binoculars

Cornell's Website with Bird Information