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Special message updated 1/31/18

Submit RRC Release Form by 2/2/18 (only applies to students attending RRC before or after ASEP) 


Classes start on 2/5/18

Kindergarten message:

  • At arrival, ASEP instructors will collect all kindergarten students at the kindergarten playground. This include late birds, RRC students, and early birds brought back to school.

  • At dismissal, RRC students will be escorted back to RRC. All other students will be picked up at the classroom.

Critters 'n Clay Classes

The vendor consolidated Sessions 1-4 into Sessions 1-2 included all grades K-5. 

Registration for Session 1 ended on 1/24/18.

Registration for Session 2 is open until 3/16/18. Here are the instructions:

  1. Register through Google Forms

  2. Pay through MTK (go to "My Account" tab and select "ASEP" to pay)

Spanish Class

Due to low enrollment, the vendor canceled the class.


Lamorinda Performing Academy

The class is full for all grades. The waitlist is closed and registration ended on 1/14/18.

The first day of class started on 1/24/18.


All Other ASEP Classes

Registration for remaining classes ended on 1/24/18. 

After School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

After School Enrichment Program

Please read the details thoroughly before registering.

For inquiries, contact the ASEP team at

Please do not call the Rheem office.


General Information: ASEP is a PTA sponsored program that is run by parent volunteers. ASEP provides Rheem students the opportunity to enrich their education by enrolling in classes after school.  The classes all meet at Rheem school. All classes are offered by outside instructors who are responsible for their own curriculum.  All instructors are background checked and fingerprinted by the Moraga School District.

Registration Period: Absolutely no early or late enrollments will be accepted. No Exceptions. Online registration period is as follows:

  • (Closed) Lamorinda Performance Academy: 1/3/18 – 1/14/18
  • Critters 'n Clay:
    • (Closed) Session 1: 1/15/18 – 1/24/18 (class starts 2/6/18)
    • (Open) Session 2: 1/15/18 – 3/16/18 (class starts 4/10/18)
  • (Closed) All other classes: 1/15/18 – 1/24/18 (class starts the week of 2/5/18)

Winter-Spring 2018 Class Schedule With Full Details

(NEW) Registration Process: There are two steps to completing ASEP registration for a class. Unless both steps are completed by the stated deadline above, your child CANNOT attend the ASEP class. Registration/payment submitted to a vendor is invalid. NO EXCEPTIONS. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Here are the two steps to register in chronological order:

  1. Complete the ASEP registration form for each student. Register for Critters 'n Clay Session 2.
  2. Submit payment for each student. Pay through MTK.

No Late Registration: There is no late registration. After online registration closes, no student may add, even if there is still space. This registration deadline is enforced due to administrative constraints with Rheem, Roadrunner Club, and vendors. Exceptions are made if the classes are canceled or because of administrative oversight.

Roadrunner Club Activity Release Form: Submit a Roadrunner Club Activity Release Form if your child will be leaving/arriving between an ASEP class and the Roadrunner Club.  Please submit it to RRC via or deliver it to a staff member at RRC.  If you do not complete this form, RRC will not release your child to the ASEP instructor.

Updating Student Information: During the registration period, you can edit your student’s information online. After online registration is closed, changes can be made by contacting the ASEP team at

Class Updates: For updates, such as canceled classes, new classroom location, different dates, deadline reminders, check your emails from the PTA e-newsletters.

  • All classes are subject to change location due to the school's classroom conflicts.

  • All classes are subject to cancellation due to low enrollment.

  • If a class is under or over-enrolled, you will be notified and your fee will be refunded.

  • A vendor may not make any changes to the schedule without prior authorization. The vendor is required to contact and notify all parent/guardians in the event of class cancellation for any reason. Parents must be notified in a timely matter so they make other arrangements for their students.

Second Adult in the Class: Each ASEP class requires two adults in each class.  If the vendor does not staff a second adult, a parent volunteer is necessary.  If you are the parent volunteer, your child's tuition will be waived or discounted.  All volunteers must complete the quiz and volunteer form on the Moraga School District Website.  An ASEP class will not run unless there are two adults present.  Contact the vendor directly if you are interested to be a parent volunteer.

Refunds/Cancellations: If the class is canceled due to low enrollment, you will be notified and refunded by the vendor if tuition has been paid. Contact the vendor for refunds if your child needs to withdraw from the class. Refunds are at vendor’s discretion, and may not be issued if notified too close to the start date.

ASEP Fees: There is a $5 ASEP fee per student per class that is already included in the class tuition. Fees will go towards the ASEP Scholarship, ASEP Administration, and Rheem PTA Fundraising.

Scholarship: It is the goal of the Rheem PTA that any Rheem student who would like to participate in an ASEP class have the chance to do so. Scholarship funds are available for families needing assistance to pay for classes. Please contact ASEP at

Behavior and Discipline: Children are expected to behave courteously and attentively. Parents will be contacted by the instructor if the student has ongoing disruptive behavior. Refunds will not be issued in disciplinary cases.

Absences: If you child will miss an ASEP class, please contact the vendor directly to let them know. This prevents the instructor from spending time contacting Rheem’s front office to locate your child. If your child does not arrive after 10 minutes from the start of class, phone calls to parents will be made.

Getting to Class: Before school drop off, remind your child about the ASEP class and its location and time. The student can go to the front office or Roadrunner Club if he/she forgets or needs help. Be sure they know if they should go directly to the ASEP class or to Roadrunner Club. Tell them to not socialize or play, but go directly to the ASEP class.

Some ASEP classes do not start immediately after the student’s school day. If your child will go home and return to Rheem for an ASEP class, escort your child to the ASEP class no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of class. Your child may not be left unattended between school dismissal and an ASEP class. If you plan to have your child remain on campus prior to the ASEP class, be sure to have a Roadrunner Club reservation. At no time should your child be left unattended after school dismissal.

All 1st to 5th graders are responsible to arrive on their own to the ASEP class. Kindergarteners will be escorted from Roadrunner Club, an ASEP teacher, or a parent volunteer. For K students going to an ASEP class immediately after school dismissal, they will be collected at the Kindergarten playground by the ASEP instructor or parent volunteer and escorted to the ASEP class.

Dismissal: At dismissal, the instructor releases students according to the release options provided by you through the online ASEP Registration Form.  The options are: (1) I will pick up my child at the classroom door, (2) My child may be released on his/her own at the completion of class to walk home, or (3) My child may be released to attend Roadrunner Club.

Kindergartens are not allowed to be released on their own. They are either escorted to Roadrunner Club or picked up at the classroom door by a parent or authorized adult. It is also encouraged that 1st and 2nd grade students are not released on their own, but are picked up at the classroom. 

Late Pick Up: If a student is not picked up on time, the instructor may choose to wait or escort the student to Roadrunner Club. After 10 minutes from dismissal, charges from Roadrunner Club will be incurred.

Winter-Spring 2018 Class Schedule (updated 1/26/18)
Day Time Class Grade Classroom Status
Mon 3:10-3:55 Introduction to Spanish K-3 24 canceled
Mon 3:10-4:10 Berkeley Chess 1-5 25 closed
Mon 3:10-4:10 FUNKMODE Hip Hop & Breakdance K-5 Frank Hall (MUR) closed
Tues 3:10-4:10 Critters 'n Clay Session 1 (2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27) K-5 24 closed
Tues 3:10-4:10 Critters 'n Clay Session 2 (4/10, 4/17, 4/24, 5/1) K-5 24 open
Tues 3:10-4:30 Painting with a Twist 2-5 25 closed
Tues 3:10-4:10 50 All-Stars Basketball Introduction K-3 Frank Hall (MUR) closed
Wed 1:55-2:55 Sarah's Science Toyology K-3 25 closed
Wed 1:55-3:30 Lamorinda Performing Academy 1-2: Peter Pan Jr.  1-2 Frank Hall (MUR) closed
Wed 1:55-5:00 Lamorinda Performing Academy 3-5: Peter Pan Jr. 3-5 Frank Hall (MUR) closed
Wed 1:55-2:55 Lamorinda Soccer K-5 Grass closed
Thurs 3:10-4:10 Moraga Kids Code - Scratch Studio 3-5 10 closed
Thurs 3:10-4:10 Yogo4kids Yoga K-3 Frank Hall (MUR) closed
Fri 3:10-4:10 Bricks4Kidz - World Engineering with Lego K-5 25 closed
Fri 2:30-6:00 Village for the Center of Arts - Piano Lessons K-5 Frank Hall (MUR) closed