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Message from the Principal

Rheem’s “Fan-{TACHE}-tic Read-a-thon” is in full swing and going strong.  Already, several classes can boast 100% participation and we expect that list to continue growing as more and more students turn in tally sheets.   Sponsor sheets were officially due on Thursday, Jan. 29, but you can turn one in anytime.  And, remember, students do not need a sponsor to participate.  Just read, tally your minutes, and turn in those tally sheets on Thursdays.


Our Read-a-thon goal is 100% participation, and to that end, I promised the students that if they reached 90% participation by the time the second set of tally sheets were turned in, they could earn Rheem’s 1st ever “Mustache Day.”  So, we are eagerly awaiting the results!  Stay tuned! 


Stay tuned?  It’s hard to “stay tuned” in this busy world!  Have you ever wished you could get quick information and reminders about school events though a quick text?   Well, we are rolling out a new communication tool called “REMIND” that will allow you do just that.  Click HERE for information about how to “stay tuned” through simple text messages.  If you sign-up today, you’ll be among the first to know if we do earn that coveted Mustache Day! 


Thanks for your continued support!





Mindset Matters

Mindset Matter
January 30, 2015

The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Dr. Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, spoke about the importance of developing a growth mindset at a TEDx conference in November, 2014.  She encourages us to discover the “power of yet” when we are faced with a challenge:  Are you not smart enough to solve it, or have you just not solved it yet? To view her informative 10-minute talk, in which she outlines ways parents and educators can positively influence students’ believe in themselves, click HERE

This information is especially important if you’re interested in supporting a student who struggles or one who avoids challenges.  It is also a great introduction and/or refresher to this influential research. 

Click here to access "Mindset Matters" archives

Common Core-ner

Common Core-ner
January 23, 2015

Rheem teachers and students continue to use the Lucy Calkins Unit of Study to guide this year’s focus on Writing.  At this point in the year, students have completed the Narrative Writing Unit and are currently working on the Informational Writing Unit

On the Staff Development Day on Monday, January 26, Rheem teachers will continue their work with MSD’s Writing Consultants to prepare for the upcoming Opinion Writing Unit.  By identifying key qualities of strong opinion writing at each grade level, teachers will gain insights and develop strategies to design effective lessons for this unit. 

Click HERE to read the specific expectations for your child when writing narratives, informative/explanatory texts and opinion pieces.

Click HERE to read student samples of each of these writing genres.



Click here to access "Common Core-ner" archives



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